Sunday, July 6, 2014

leaves in river

     With the innate nature to grow between 
the two horns of Satan - inward virtue - you have been correct and careful! 
How is it that he who 
lights a fire 
kills living beings? 
They will not escape 
this fate anyhow: innumerable 
spheres in all directions wake from the trance. 
No perceptions - it is not suffering - but we have decided to retire from this world. 
Muhammed is the father of no man among you, for the crocodile chooses. 
The recapitulation was a disposal of the dead. 
Corpse-eating birds, carry the bones. 
The sharper people's weapons, the more they riot. 
Hollow becomes full and nobody thought 
me to be God while I dwelled in the tallest grass. 
There I performed the 
Great Death. 
I worshipped penance. 
Renounced birth. In this triple order, unworthy, ascetic. 
Only a skull left behind where I saw omens of chaos, adorned and guarded. 
Tell me, who are you? 
"Sin and Punishment", he replied. 
We floated on, 
as the 
 into the sea 
to seek
 refuge from the sand.

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