Monday, December 1, 2014

Short Cuts and Good Omens

There is a word hidden or trapped between three or four other words, of course it's mushroom-related...glistening gIyphosate glycemia my tongue halts/want to carve the sound out, the articulation grinds against a spongy wall that can be pushed in a bit but thoughtwave bends and erupts as it pushes too hard against the barrier, ugly oscillation and perception goes....weird. Blinking static, tracking error.
Anyway. The word...describes a trailing, dripping, ectophantasmic, ectoplasmic, electrochemical, diaphanous multidimensional hyperconnection to a geological unconsciousness that forms during psilocybin trials. Maybe(?), etymologically(?), a portmanteau of Glyph and glissando?

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