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Found in an old notepad, presented unedited...apparently I wrote this...

grim funeral/necro/expression within inexpression/unexpression/the inexpressible. 

Annihilating Unity
Accelerating toward Ø 

As black metal's punishing ascent toward the "Haptic Void" culminated in sacrifice to transcendence, the quest for transcendence was swallowed by the concerns of the transcended. Black metal had evolved and new concerns filled the holes left by solving the puzzle of Christianity and its inversion through atheism, agnosticism, irreligiousity and modern paganism. The attack vectors upon the cross easily become sublimated into attacks upon a dominant american/capitalist/conservative ruling class, whose primary mode of movement toward the modern black metaller is through an anti-environmentalism/progress as industrial growth/anti-human(though decidedly not anti-humanist) power paradigm that had itself in many ways evolved out from an over-reliance on Christianity . The Cascadian scene revels and flourishes within the new man/nature dialectic, fashioning themselves as modern warriors of the soil, Melancology is born. Melting down the human and ultimately selfish desire for transcendence into selflessness via involuting that selfishness into a "selfishness for the world." 

----------Black Noise takes this "upward" trajectory and repurposes a linear gaining for a spiral recursiveness. We aren't aiming for the end, but a true rebirth in the OM of nothingness.

Black Noise must necessarily perform this radical deconstruction in order to expose how universal the feelings evoked by black metal are, by showing that all of the individual parts of the assemblage, on their own, are interrelated to every -or any- other style. To show, as Glenn Branca, John Cage, and hundreds of others before, that there are no rules, there is no objective haptic void as terminus, that "nothing is true and everything is permitted"(WSB), and to explicitly challenge preconceptions about exactly what art or music is. 
The return to the formless noise of OM opposing the extraction of Music FROM the formless noise of OM.

Simultaneously infinite and unattainable
Haptic void is not ^ an ending point, but one space among many….one node among many, comparable to deleuze's rhizome Connectable in assemblage, in sequence, or singular through a process similar to quantum inhabit the haptic void and use it to power incursions into other genre spaces. a black hole with infinite mass, dragging us inward and crushing all light into singularity. providing unity and universal fluidity through formlessness of noise.

If "Transcendental Black Metal is in fact nihilism, however it is a double nihilism and a final nihilism, a once and for all negation of the entire series of negations." as Hunter Hunt Hendrix posits in his manifesto, then Black Noise is a over-nihilism, a suffocating and desolating blast exposing the haptic void as not the infinite and unattainable end point of maximal brutality, but as a space in a 4 dimensional field infinitely connectable and relatable to all traditional genres of music. A space borne of a capability for negation in all things, but rather than the view traditionally espoused in relation, not in series or inversion, but in rhizome. In an interconnectability of emotion with style, the haptic void could be expressed as the death drive, emotionally attachable to any creative movement. A hearkening back to creation not as flower gently unfolding in morning dew, but creation as rupture, as pressure on fissure, to view  entropic reduction of statue to clay as simply a variant nexus of creation rather than destruction removes the inversion necessary to Transcendental BM's superiority complex and gives all progressions of intensity in every or any OR NO direction positivity. Maximising internalised intensity. Maximising stagnation to speed entropy. 

A tearing of the transcendent arc affirming no way out. 

The transcendental view of the haptic void reaches the top of the mountain and dies to be reborn. Black noise annihilates the mountain and kills everything so that all may be reborn. Sonic building blocks reduced to OM. A 'disappropriation' and reduction of all possible sounds from any position into a near uniform hum of feedback and the "bright white nothing at the end of a tunnel"(Thantifaxath 2013)

black noise is a convergence of two(twin? nearly parallel) vectors in emotion/genre-space that both contain 'Haptic conditions' or 'endpoints' in their respective genre/cultures, multiplying the effect of their shared darkness by reinforcing it with each style's capacity for extremity.

to drag the transcendant into harmony with our new system of flexible immanence, we simply offer the possibility of transcending the classical historical-progressive method of genre delineation into a more complete unified "rhizome" or node system wherein stylistic choices, historical musical influences, emotion, and intensity(stylistic choice and intent marking multiple positions in genre-influence/space, with emotions felt during the process of creation replacing time, and intensity marking a vector and speed toward convergence points) create a 4 dimensional vector map of possible achievable sound with black noise being an impossibly remote point where multiple sets and types of extremity coalesce and converge at high intensity. 
The mode of the haptic void is involution. It reaches out from the future to fuel our incursions into it, pulling us along, making every press into it stronger and more robustly extreme. Not creation or revolution. A complete abandonment of the concept of endpoint. a replacement of the arctic circle/negation of negations inversion with the concept of a spiraling of intensity that can never be fully begun or ended. An opening of the circle to allow for Time and progression within the cursory boundaries of the circle-.

to place oneself at the very limit of oneself where one is dissolve  to NOTHING.
Scott Wilson
“Youth always tries to fill the void, an old man learns to live with it.” 
― Mark Z. Danielewski
Via dissonant resonances within and among these three phenomenal nodes, black metal vibrationally unhinges the order of things, tritonely crushes all holy trinities, annihilates every binding of the chain of being.
Nicola Masciandaro

He withdraws into a liminal space that exceeds the capacity for mortality to withstand it, and undergoes a sacrificial demise in order to open himself up as a habitat for and an expression of the power of the demon. 
Anthony Sciscione
A philosophical demonology would therefore have to be “against” the human being – both the “human” part as well as the “being” part.
Eugene Thacker
Instead of the power of prohibition and censorship Black Metal Theory serves to increase and expand more and more on that which has been forbidden.
Niall Scott

“Each day death corrodes what we call living, and life ceaselessly swallows our desire for the void.” 
― Jindřich Štyrský

“The obstinate miner 
of the void 
his fertile mine” 
― Jean Cocteau

indestructible truth

"Have I not declared to you that it is in the very nature of all compound things that they must be dissolved again? We must separate ourselves from all things near and dear to us, and must leave them. "
Buddha "The Announcement of Death"

Perhaps this is why metal is heavy – not because it is about nature, politics, or religion, but because it gets at a central ambivalence surrounding material culture. Eugene Thacker - Occultural Studies 1.0: Black Metal

We have such a linear way of apprehending experimentation via genre cross-pollination, a historical way. This begat that begat this etc ad nauseam. The problem with this is that sub genres aren't "invented" or created through simple interaction with a linear set of influences, but through actively coordinating a set of infinitely interactive and connective units and assemblages made from emotional states, intensities of feeling, cultural and subcultural references and influences.

a nonsovereignty  yes, divinely impure, of course…..but the void is already filled with black. The void fills US with black. The void reaches out and infects us. 

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