Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Void Front Press: Sustain/Decay : Call for Participation

Void Front Press: Sustain/Decay : Call for Participation <--click there, you

//For what is drone but the unending echo of generational potential?  - Aliza Shvarts//


Void Front Press is now seeking short proposals and 300 word +/- abstracts for Sustain/Decay, a philosophical exploration of the intertwining of the mystical and musical in drone music to be published in book form early 2017.


//I draw circles and sacred boundaries about me; fewer and fewer climb with me up higher and higher mountains.—I am building a mountain chain out of ever-holier mountains. - Nietzsche//

//Drone music excels in creating and maintaining tension. It aestheticizes doom, opening a door onto once and future catastrophe [...] Drone music is a music for when the markers of time such as clocks, metronomes, alarms have stopped. It is an acoustic foundation from which other sounds emerged, and to which all sounds will eventually return. - Joanna Demers//

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