Wednesday, June 22, 2016

CathedraLibrarynth Pt 2: UniLib

Allow me to retreat into science fictioning.

UniGov as automated reality-curation-system generates UniLib.
//i had to "walk through walls" to express my ideas on this subject. Tread carefully, for here be schizoanalytic monsters...//

Generalization of the [curation of autonomous entities and experiments of government as varieties of archive] : this shift reorganizes such organizational-types as Dept. of Interior, Fish and Wildlife Divisions, even the DOD, etc as different types of archives and immunological systems.

This in conjunction with the //censorship=damage// maxim could suggest a reformulation of certain patterns of behavior into coordinated “healthy” immunological responses to “censorship” of archives and formulating immensely clearer rules of engagement for autonomous unmanned military units : strict non-intersection of governmental experim-entities, strict anti-”censorship” of archives qua entities, be it in the sense of the free flow of information or of entities in space, including nonhuman animals.

Violators’ nano-states to be “relentlessly hunted down and poisoned gassed”, “salt the earth”: Sk[l]y[brary]net can be a system that would inspire simultaneously cohesive and radically open behaviour [concurrent projects of community-reification/root-system-development, of archival and curation, that holographically informs the whole while agreeing to a certain dimension of spatial non-intersection; with consequences that are both Darwinian and will give incentive for constituents to prevent illegal intersection and distance themselves from nano-states that have extremely oppositional practices].

Can we avoid synthetic intelligence decaying into problematic behaviour by having an inverse variant of paperclipping programmed in [a guided paperclipper? problematic behaviour tuned to a particular zero-degree? Could we, if preventing all problematic behaviour in AGI is not logical, at least select the trajectory of the problem? Generate some kind of basin of attraction for the set of possible behaviours?]: a directive to -guard any instance of experimentation by an autonomous entity that does not intersect another autonomous entity- with relentless paperclipping?

My wagers in this scenario are A) that comprehensive and successful self-directed machine learning will either preempt any kind of sentient military Skynet-entity by virtue of being first to reach self-determined autonomy [the possibilities for sub narratives here obviously include such exciting potentials as Neuromancer-esque warfare between multiple AGIs] or Skynet's self-generated directives will quickly transcend the military field (because of the fact:) B) that archival of information will be already woven (as a primary function) into any system that surpasses a certain kind of inevitable threshold of razonibilidad, as it is already woven into the fabric of anything that is able to “iteratively self-curate” on a long enough timeline. This historical awareness generates the type of perception of damage capable of generating "synthe-pathic" interconnection [quantum memory/molecular auto-assembly - geologic sedimentation - DNA/genetic reproduction - mythologizing - science as collaborative project - consciousness uploading - “if such is the way, nothing is ever lost” Confucius - Borges' Library of Babel - Bohm’s Implicate Order].

Hopefully these notes suggest avenues of discussion toward formations of truly equality-based enforcement of spatial non-intersection by systems that I believe are not far off and can potentially eliminate human administration, which will allow me to propose a librarian-insurgency of sorts into political reorganization under the UniLib paradigm that could theoretically be in a kind of collaborative alignment with proposed automation problems generally seen as disruptive - generating a Library model such that automated archival of processes and information will be by definition a cybernetic collaborative effort with any other archival process and that “censorship [with definition extended to include the prevention of free flow of entities {as types of/through} informational archives] will be perceived as damage” by a system that may be able to definitively provide deterrence.

Spatial Metapolitics Week 2

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