Friday, December 2, 2016

Topo-twitterous Archivalattice

12/1 Twitter cuts rotating around topologic's connections to neuronal manipulation vis a vis protogeometric linguistics, deontology, oppositional dynamics.

UPDATE: go ahead and add the entirety of to this list.


  1. Whatever, earthling.
    1-outta-1 croaks...
    then, we'll have our life review...
    then, we'll be put on the L or the R
    according to what we mortals accomplished
    in our wee, wee finite existence.
    And dats da fak, Jak.
    Tok2Jesus if thars any problem, son.
    LEFT = downtown forever;
    RITE = Uptown forever.
    Appears ya been following the whorizontal.
    Thank God we may save your everlasting soul.
    Follow along, class...

    God bless you.

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  3. Allah's blessings be upon you
    Peace be with you always.

  4. Even though I know for certain you don't understand a single bit of this post.

  5. My soul’s an amphicheiral knot
    Upon a liquid vortex wrought
    By Intellect in the Unseen residing,
    While thou dost like a convict sit
    With marlinspike untwisting it
    Only to find my knottiness abiding,
    Since all the tools for my untying
    In four-dimensioned space are lying,
    Where playful fancy intersperces,
    Whole avenues of universes;
    Where Klein and Clifford fill the void
    With one unbounded, finite homaloid,
    Whereby the Infinite is hopelessly destroyed