Sunday, June 29, 2014

ambiguity and apathy

"Men use thought only as authority for their injustice, and employ speech only to conceal their thoughts."  -Voltaire (The important one, not the goth-folk singer)

"I was known as the chief grave robber of my state." -Dan Quayle (no context given, none needed)

I hate how seemingly reviled the idea that there could be ANYTHING else beyond what we can see and measure is among people today…not that it looks very likely, but it's a romantic thought. Skepticism is such a humorless sport, or it is at least played that way by most. Boring Bores. Learn a different language.

sspread] your] antennæ]
to] acccept] ssoft] transsmisssion]
sshape] ssenssory] fallout]
unussable] ssignal]

                     deeefffaultt] too] regggress]
                     revevverrtttt] to] trrransslittt]erate]
                     thought to speech]]]
                     prriimi]tive]] orgggann]n] shed]
                     la]yyerss] [lierss] ov mean]ning]

stri/ipppp] h[3]art]ttt]] fromm] hus]k]k]
[[/məˈʃiːn s/sɪnθəsəs/s r][u][stsss]
st/ri/pp] g[ē]rs] tø] faull]t] 
lïn[z] ov] /kʌˌmjunɪˈkeɪʃən] /bɹeɪ̯k//daʊn]

f rr ag m ent] sp eee e eech] s hhif t]
sh atttt errrred] bab/bb/b/b/b/bbbb/bb/bbabblle]
vibb r r a t te] innnnnn co h h eren t ttt]
shape/shhhhif  terr] logo/ooo/rhee a]
m u ss cc l e] sp/as/as/ms]
tonggguess]-inn]-speak/k/ing] sp-l/int//er [sp-l//atttt-//er]]
v^v/o/mitt-tt] nothingssss]


"The simple slave, in fallow fields, shrugs off his burden and falls asleep."
-Wreck and Reference  'Apollo Beneath the Whip' 

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