Thursday, June 26, 2014

An Invocation.

"Have I not declared to you that it is in the very nature of all compound things that they must be dissolved again? We must separate ourselves from all things near and dear to us, and must leave them. "
Buddha - The Announcement of Death

"Everybody's fucking but you"
Gnaw - 'Vacant'

There is a hole in my knowledge; in my ability to articulate a group of thoughts that seem to exist, coalesced and complete, just outside my active consciousness….I feel their outline, I can touch their surface, and I can make some judgements about the contents based on the position of the structure, but pressing my perception into this space leaves my thoughts in a tangle and even with all the force of my mind brought to bear, I inevitably end up shunted back to the surface, my incursion half-remembered, as a dream. 

I want inside. 

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