Thursday, May 7, 2015


he kept me-ing.
his Be-ing transected I.
I could feel me he-ing.
he eyed I.
I could feel his meal coursing deathward downhard.
I eyed he being me.
we shuttered uplike, he was gone from me.

he re-eyed me.
we tweed, reconvulsions twracked we in me-space.
I stepped outward topside - he me'd towardside in he-space.
I recracked and we we'd innardly, immediately.
torsioning and torsoing we-ing our being apart - heights, sepa-ratios separate us from us-ing but knot our we-ing.
I, staring and sunning, blinding, stunning he and we.
he eyed his me in the mirror, facing I.
twe twinned our twosome, grew some, spanning and spinning.
we-and-himming three more we-spore spawning yawning mouths to feed.

I-seed re-canted our eye-speed.
turtled and hurtled into one-space, g(h)lossed(t) to us.
the mirror refracted the free-est three-us.
I caught an eyeful as men-y we-ings afrayed of rapture (capture?) un-I'd afore hours eyes.

I stepped inwarding off the spellings of our worldings.
we me'd again as I eyed he silencing my plying of me-space within he-space.
we-spaced outwarding our us-ing and twinned again, and trined a binding we-ing into be-ing.

It un-eyed my me-ing.
Breathing, freething
It! an un-me, not-he, how did we?
how could we?
why would we?

eye should see I, but only - lonely- see we.
see me he-ing
see we three-ing
see thee me-ing.

no eyes noising nosing into being I-ing.
boiling a spoiling us-ing into tweeing.
I re-eyed me catastrophically
anesthetizing anastrophizing he and me all three
into I and I
and eye.

where am we?
who are I?
is I we?

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