Thursday, July 30, 2015

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I just finished In the Dust of This Planet. My complaints are minor and he certainly did his homework but I have this irk in the back of my mind about it...I would have to actually know the guy to be able to answer my question though so I may as well shut up about it. Didn't put much effort into disguising his "found text" but c'est la vié. The magic circle riffing was excellent, but I'm dying to know when the boundary stops being acknowledged as somehow any more than arbitrary on some level. It's like a million people gathered around to check out the wall after it had been finally toppled, and instead of frolicking out into anywheresville and exploring the shit out of the interior galaxies, everyone is like "dude I've never seen the wall from this side" all glazed over. Narcissists. It seems he is cool with an initial sketching of the starting point of exploration and how it will look in some fashion to a person that had never experienced it and needed cultural reference points but others like The Xenofem Assemblage, Reza, Jonah, N Land, Nicola, Niall Scott, and Ben W for instance, are out actively engaging in unholy deep space voyages past sight of ground. I think he missed a good opportunity to delve deep into sickness and plague transmission instead of the sort of cursory bit. I'm complaining an awful lot for someone that actually liked it a great deal. THIS IS ME LIKING A THING.

Fine I'll not shut up about it. I contend, and one day intend to actually go prove (today will not be that day) that Thacker is just a great scholar of mysticism and not actually a mystic in his own right. He did all the math but it is still abstract, call me when you turn this textbook into a grimoire with an unpronounceable name.

News part 2 I started working at Saint Louis University this past week, as a research assistant in a bio lab dedicated to bees, the SHIT, SLU Hymenoptera Investigative Team....I frolick in gardens and jellyfish, mostly.

News at 3 Locrian's new album is amazing and I'll have a review of it up on Sludgelord in a few days. 

New 4s BMTS4 - Mors Mystica is out finally, my paper Mycelegium included though the straight up rockstar of that show was Daniel Colucciello Barber's 'The Autonomy of Death, Nothing Like This' - "There is no one that can ride negativity, because negativity is the radicality of no one. This is bad news only if one thinks one is supposed to be here, only if one thinks one has something to lose."

Niall Scott's 'On Darkness Itself (An obscure letter of divorce to Immanuel Kant, permitting all to be betrothed to the darkness' and Gary Shipley's 'The Tongue-Tied Mystic: AAAAAARRRGH Fuck Them, Fuck You!' are also fucking brilliant, the latter with an equally brilliant video that had better be made available soon or I will be very disappointed. Speaking of disappointing, goon Hunter Hunt-Hendrix once again shows how metal he is by fucking APOLOGIZING for being a bad metalhead. I feel like he betrays his lack of understanding of metal first by appropriating and then by apologising for his appropriation. GTFO, and do whatever you want but don't pretend like you win points for being relentlessly positive and thinking that supplication is the answer to a horde of slavering metalheads that just feel like maybe you should pretend to understand your roots before you think you even know HOW to rip the tree up. I wobble freely in my enjoyment. Someone trying to ape black metal shouldn't miss the stupidly obvious cultural move to appropriate freely and see apologetics as the sucker way. Only a fucking outsider would ever think THIS culture was separable from THIS music. I would say BM totally has rules, they're just not strictly musical rules and they are flexible to the degree they perform the magic successfully. The main metal rule, thusly, is know your roots. Look at metalcore/deathcore: ostensibly identical to its "true" counterparts (Swedish melodic death and brutal death metal), the reason they've never caught on with "insider" fans is because despite clear similarity, the musicians evolved to that style in completely novel, extra-metal fashion and in some meaningful way, APE the music instead of evolve past it or through it. No bloody roots=not technically metal/just meming the parts you like eviscerates your claim to a sort of authenticity. The worst kind of thief is one that thinks they are owed the thing they stole just because they can do a neat trick with it. Anyway, Black metal is beholden to the darkness. It simply doesn't work in the same way if you're trying to be positive about it, it is like squeezing a water balloon that is only half full, you just can't pop it without ridiculous contortions. Nihilism is actually the point, and the ideology becomes the sticking point nihilism exists to unstick. Have you, Triple H, given any consideration to the possibility that you attempted implementation of this philosophy and got a tremendous viscerally magickal backlash for it? Like water refraction or a smoky mirror reflecting another mirror, it looks like you've cracked it, but it's just a trick of the light... Black metal doesn't want supplication, it wants abjectionnnnnn (cue wolf howling and tremolo-picked guitar)....simply put, it isn't black anymore. Go fuck off with your ego.

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