Thursday, September 3, 2015

Metaphysics is just physics beforehand

I've been testing that "put the thought out in the ether" thing for a year now and considering how many totally private ideas I've had that have sprang fully formed into reality from first one, then 2 then 10 then hundreds (over and over and over again, seriously I'm a wizard don't test me ;)), I'm convinced all reality is thought and that goes quadruple for Facebook. Thought generates a material reality that enfolds thought and so on. Thought -is- the material reality. Idealism and materialism have always coexisted if the universe is a complex system functioning like a brain and its "reason", the basic generative chaotic function of Void and the always-collapsing of materiality into Void, was able to form a secondary scaffold for biologic on top of material existence maintained by some kind of will-to-novelty but at the cost of always-dying that from small human perspective both seems to be all and also seems to missing something profound because of biological and perspectival limitations. So we think, and thought is so much like the underlying process of generation that someone that doesn't know fuck all about the brain like basically everyone pre-three years ago assumes this supposedly immaterial abstraction to be existence and assign it idealism. But hey guess what, all your thoughts have a material basis - from insertion of pressure waves to proprioceptors and micro particles to the olfactory centre to neurotransmitters, electrochemical movement of signal- so why is idealism not a materialism? If one entity's (the universe, sans direction or will or agency) "idealism" or reason (ie the Void) is capable of generating materiality....out of Nothing ALWAYS springs Something. Apparently. Physics says yes, philosophy can go fuck itself.

On to a different Neurosci take, the Void2 (the empty space between connections in brains), when "experienced" via the shutting off of thalamic control by whatever means, is universally interpreted as the experience of All Things At Once, God, the universal Librarynth of Self. Out of Nothing ALWAYS springs EVERYTHING  Ø= Forever and never amen.

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