Monday, March 7, 2016

selfless shame-promotion

Void Front Press
a communal effort at dismantling the self
through torture
adjusting one's ethical stance on the rack
draw and quartering the hedonic tone
making soup from souls
in the retort: silence of the charnel ground


James Harris:
terminal obscurity (available)
Three Intersecting Pathogens: a Dream Journal 4/5

records of [experi]mental torque and torsion

Adam Lovasz:
Tracing the Inoperative:
Outlines of a Non-Oriented Ontology 3/23

A. Lovasz and M. Horvath eds:
untitled journal, first issue, summer 2016

Owen Coggins/James Harris eds:
Collection of essays on drone music
call for papers spring/summer 2016

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