Friday, March 18, 2016

Something anyway, for a moment...

The experience of non-differentiation lowers the barriers that separate life-threads from one another in memory storage, and engenders mass synchronisation events in the mind as multiple simultaneous activations occur across the total memory set - activations of all memories associated with each entity’s reality thread - in other words, the truth of open individualism is revealed, the state of cognitively experiencing “being everyone while retaining individuality”  is sensorially achieved - the brain functionally stops differentiating between self and other, by a sudden forced rewiring into conformity with the novel experience of boundless identity - We are Them that are Us and Us is Not-One-But-Zero. Our old individual self-image is dissolved in the crucible of anatta - which is revealed as nothing more than the universal commonality of awareness: we are not Buddhas and zeroes all, we are in fact all the same Zero-Buddha. One seeks the tree only to encounter a mirror and find itself to be the seed to be planted in itself - nothing is to be done but grow and die in time, one laughs: sighing laughter at the black cloak that simple truth wears being the perennial weapon of the neuronihilist and the mystic (who are the same) against despair, fear, and the inevitable ending of all things.   

//The best jazz says, "Gonna live forever; don't believe in death." -R. Bradbury, Zen/Writing//

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