Saturday, April 4, 2015

something slightly less plausible

my witchcraft worked
i sharpen my bones
we pierce the roof of yama's mouth

I have been thinking on my last post, and I keep coming back to this image…I wish I could art better, I think I could draw this better than write it…I'm working on my calculus anyway heh…ok so, if, in the tryptamine state, at a certain level of synesthesia we get the filtration through the visual cortex of each step through the components, i.e. a visual point being reproduced in a tactile sensation, an audible sound, a taste, and a smell simultaneously etc etc if each component registers the sense and runs it through memory and the spatial mapping region individually with the visualization of those processes being collated and THAT being ran through the same system….we would get extraordinarily complicated patterns and movement pretty much at any level of simplicity above absolute primitivism yea? Suddenly Terence McKenna's 'dark room, no lights' idea begins to take a better shape….instead of what was often propounded, that it was to give one a free space to project into, thereby intensifying the trip….i think the idea could be better served as rather a method to test what kind of visualizations and imaginations are caused or triggered by what sensations. If they are singularly presented, in an otherwise stimulus-null environment like an isolation tank(which I experienced for the first time a few days ago, at the excellent FLOAT STL), they would be visualized singularly….practice with singular repeated sensations in this fashion over time would develop skill in drawing out individual threads of the sense-tapestry for examination during standard meatspace hallucination? Ultra-fine playback and tracking develops with intuitive analogous geometric responsiveness; or, how fast can you calculate the distance(and can heightened mathematical ability give one an ability to calculate "shortcuts", more directly perceive the motion of any moving parts, or in effect "simplify the equation"?) between the beginning of direct physical sensing and where it hits the active reflection of the perception in order to short-circuit subjectivity? I think we could train ourselves to interpret the signal earlier in the chain if we knew what it was, sooner, which would just be a matter of knowledge, practice, and genuinely paying close attention. Sounds create different visual formations when repeated over time but they don't seem to change(for me, anyway) enough for you to not recognize them once you have seen them a couple times unless you undergo a significant change*….my theory that -a more scientifically accurate internal model of whatever processes are being observed would render them in the visual cortex in greater and more accurate detail faster and with less metabolic cost- should be put to the test one day.
Maybe. Somehow.
Maybe I just haven't read enough to know if this is already old hat for everyone?

*repeated listenings to a pair of albums(Wreck and Reference No Content and CVLT Nation's Joy Division Sessions) while under the influence of LSD showed a structure that was constant across multiple listenings, and the structure visualized wavered only where I was "involved." From where the sound emanated, to where it hit my ears(and the same pattern again post-visually) remained constant through each listen. This constant structure was overlaid onto my vision for their duration unless I shifted my perception away voluntarily, and oddly (or not so…) resembled the "psychohedron" form my emotional machinery generally appears as when visualized.

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