Friday, April 17, 2015

Interstition hyperzone

cheerless dinners ate alone, 
despondent messages 
glacial gray eyes. 
Even the voice was frigid
The little man came quietly into the living room, shut the door behind 
”My apologies, madam, he left a neural distorter here. Correct?” 
her nod was tremulous. 
leaden cast of defeat
decent people whimpered.
Definite egomania.
The closed eye visuals intense
coronas painted field colorful, so mobile
Fever dreams
miserable to fucked paradise.
was far beyond control.
to make matters worse
had one more revenge
some weird game
stuttered miserably
hallucinated and sick
standard humanoid containment cell, converted to a nursery.
Chamber 1410-C was to be painted in the containment 
a water-smoothed stone
chromatic perspirations
steel vault claustrophobic tendencies
due to incorporeal nature those attacks are from wounds afflicted by makeshift weapons. 
Example of phrases used during Yellow Subtype: I was trapped. 
Blind to the voices, to the dark, to the stifled air and the walls always closed down, always grew
To the Ichor, always called
Red Subtype: when emitted this will never stop, closed instances of Reader-1410-1 will appear as tall, black-suited humanoids, possessing four eyes
will broadcast phrases and emotions connected with paranoia and anger
Regardless of subtype negativity
Physical contact with Reader-1410-1 enabled a one-sided communication
Yellow instances of Reader-1410-1 appear as young adults of both sexes,
Its too late. I am crude works of art, seemingly created using parts of the human
body, with bones, hair, teeth and emotions connected to pain, disgust, and dread. 
Green instances of Reader-1410-1 appear as various currently occupied hollow worlds. 
If phrases used during Red Subtype: will pointedly ignore depression and loneliness. 
an anomalous chemical reaction has [REDACTED]
Recovered Documentation: Over the decade Reader-1863-A and Reader-1863-B collected broadcast ads from the last 10 years within [REDACTED], Alabama. Images from print ads was of hyperaggressiveness. The followed doc- uments are transcriptions of various print, televised and radio
The taste was so breathtaking, Jeannette never wanted to take another breath! 
Guaranteed to float up to 3m above the ground. 
Failure to regularly imbibe after first drink
instead targets the respiratory and circulatory systems,
results in the diaphragm collapsing
led to suffocation without mechanical assistance. 
Subjects who have drunk a sufficient quantity of [REDACTED] are capable of indefinitely floating
Absolutely Weightless
Estimated [REDACTED] injuries or deaths caused by drinking Lime Liftoff [An animated anthro-pomorphic Sarsaparilla root] 

The entire scene was filmed in Library
right male and one female, suddenly emerge from the pond
Terror For the Real Americans
There wasn’t much of a body high at all, but every sense was completely [REDACTED]
cold contradiction, the energy of the simulacrum
the accident linked to the promise, 
Because an explosion is always absolute necessity.

distinguished, it is our hope to announce that free willing was found at the same time that of revolution
stuck about with rusty blades and spikes and self-denial
exhibited unnameable spectacle
nuclear energy
cold doses, inexorable
actual presence
catastrophe perfectly uncultured arises, reveals contagions of the reactor in detail, very adequately demonstrated.
crowned sufficient, however free from the coincidence of Representation

the whole synthetic world waits for the secret doctrine
By the means of the Hexatmå ciphers mystics of every nation and race enlarged mysteries by permutation and expansion
counting from the upper Triad mere deformity signifies crossways knowledge
something to blow up - one figure after another
mathematical formulæ lie concealed
secret calculations for the archaic prototypes
that hedge off the phenomenal from the noumenal
I cannot tell you their ancient names, 
if we separate the first three which exist in one and remove us from this panic
All those Thrones and demons embody the same inevitability
God engraved the character a Bible of doubt, I first named them sulphur and sacred
minute fragments each just as simple as any other 
doubting whole inner nature
parentless and numberless
all their synonyms in our Secret Doctrine
proved useless in the injudicious nothing-else
and they have their meaning where this reaches the highest grade of invisibility
the freedom of the will is no less certain than the denizens of the Crossways World
I should have preferred the word endless
But the necessity of the machine, the predators, have denied it.
recurrence-embracing varieties of zero 
a plurality of actions the dominant form of standard advance
which all we can feel are defined as a modification of the being of mechanical, authentic being from even the most cunningly crafted pseudo-life.
And if we already see the theme and the core, the Line, the Triangle, the Pentacle, the second Line and the Cube (Therefore it is said: “In the world of being, the one Point fructifies the Line—the Virgin Matrix of Kosmos) 
and the immaculate Mother gives birth to the form that combines all forms
I say paranoia is genesis of the technique which multiplies viewpoint
there is really no attempt at a consistent Interpenetrating reality either.
the multiplexity evolving to large scale Paranoia churches and the grammatically correct Terror of the Revolutionists.
the business was network TV weapons systems
imagery and metaphysical concerns reduced one's own intel­lect to a nuclear ash heap.
windows into the ground-down vision 
when the owners of these castles discovered the true distinction of misfortunes
white eyes beneath the grass of rural cemeteries
blossomed vivid the sublime visitor
The most important ruin, the confusion of the past with the present.
There was a strong fascination in that awful magnificence 
terrible and fantastic shapes gladly die
mouldered stones to the Eternal Heavens
a herald from the grave of the contradictions of ether

the rays glinted upon the water over the tomb
Surely, it was not all that a voice from the dead could be, an immortality of vacancy
invoked the spirit but did not seem to hear the question
infinity without a wanderer or a voice has summoned the wakening to true silence
the intensity of  our own abjuration
has vowed an eternal separation, struck with a dark and sudden shade observed more madly than before.
no sympathies with the scorned penetrated beyond the tomb
and she would give worlds for such a proof that death did not either

in the agony the sphere of the intellect has called aloud unto the winds
very soul into a spell to fill the empty air with dead answers
low resolution graves under the paving-stones
that would kill or scatter time to find the ancient rendered habitable.
in dense multitudes geometrical improbability, physical imperfection, dissonance
persistent, tenacious, disdainful work like the futurity of blood
All appallingly life-like sound held no less in its extinction than in its production and development
the prolific slime are her first-born
these beings of sensation, the terminology of practical occultism
goes beyond immutable bases because even the void is sensation
a willing entity derived from the undecaying one

throws out and retracts the plane of the never-manifesting

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