Thursday, October 1, 2015

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Some links. Guattari goes schizo, again. The void just ain't what it used to be. Alan Watts interviews Laura Huxley, Aldous' wife. John Bova (New Centre/GCAS) posts a brilliant pair of notes that work very well together: Minimal Sartre Note, and Socratic Elenchos and Diagonalization NoteJonah Dempcy riffs on SynchronicitySkirmonautical adventuringsXenolinguistics. Ben Cain begins to naturalise nihilism. Homological Scaffolding starring Robin Carhart-Harris. Astronauts experience Awe and Wonder but it's going to cost you $100US to read about it. Debbie Harry invokes my favourite loa. I'm scatterbrained lately. I feel like I'm on life-support. Just enough to keep breathing.

What happens when you die? Is basic income guarantee going mainstream? Neuromancer is right around the corner.

Bjork and Tim Morton are my favorites.

"Brutal Orchestral" band Vampillia - 'Some Nightmares Take You Aurora Rainbow Darkness'
Locrian's new album 'Infinite Dissolution' is the soundtrack to Cyclonopedia.

Barth, Barthes, Borges...I feel like I'm conjugating a verb.
John Barth - Confronting the Dead Ends of Finitude at alien ecologies.
Barthes' 'Death of the Author' should be internalized before putting pen to paper.
Borges' Library of Babel is still my fav (and arguably the most effective) mind-metaphor

storage main diagram at the top there. Imagine a successful questioning starting from x would build up in some monotonic fashion those auxillary layers surrounding the central self, questioning without desire builds this scaffold for self-knowledge, but the central "dock" of stablised Now-perception is a balancing act, angels dancing on the head of a pin, so to speak, and any drift toward the in-itself or toward the for-itself is almost like a deep feedback loop opening its spiral toward a misinterpretation of any of the levels of that scaffolding that may "collapse" if you will, toward multiple identity of depersonalisation, or toward disconnected individual identity of egotism/individuation contra physics on the other side....but the central sort of domain there is like the single-mind/multiple perspective paradox that is somehow coterminous with the world. if that balancing act is maintained, eh? and is maybe in some weird way close to the no-self consciousness I think, mahayana's dana/donate turning into a giving of your mind to the cause with no attachment to truth's consequences to you, again....the paradoxical-seeming self-death to the truth of the world-in-and-for-itself that we are capable of in life. I think i think i think. I don't know anything. I'll go to my grave with the confused words "......did that make any sense?" inscribed on my crypt.

I'm curious about this 'diagonal witness to contradiction', I like the way this and Elenchos work together, in that (labor of the) inhuman sort of way. Pure reflection always struck me as similar to the (hypothetically successful) platonic questioning, which is the same as the socratic method and every other type of dialectic that ever happened obvs, questioning for truth regardless of the consequences. That applied in an Erdös-ian "social mathematic" fashion gets to my psychedelic side in a set of thoughts that lead me over and over back to the space of reasons as some hallucinatory to a platonic solid shaped (i typed this some time ago and now on second thought, I wonder if different shapes "work" differently in this domain. A conversation with a fellow witch recently wherein she described a perfectly panopticon-ical shape she referred to as "the arena" and claimed "only in this space does the magic work" with no prior knowledge of what the Foucauldian is or signifies - describing the central position of the area, the ground floor if you will, as neatly identical to Morton's charnel ground concept. She also claims the top and bottom of this arena flex outward conically, becoming an almost-tunnelling, when circling with others ritually.) group performative stage for knowledge production? If that even makes the slightest sense. It is like a structure is being raised in spacetime, like Nicola Masciandaro's "Floating Tomb is you!" reinterpreted as -every vertex of the crystal-shaped floating tomb is an individual psyche participating in this group event-. I'm high and rambling, ignore me.

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