Saturday, October 3, 2015


Karatani writes, "the 'will to construct a solid edifice' ultimately does not achieve a foundation but reveals instead the very absence of its own foundation."

build structures in order to avoid decay
while consigning talk of decay to radical quarters

to undertake process with the foresight of decay-lien tunnelling-vision is to find that structural integrity is not found in foundations but in flexibility and that self and no-self are not places or objects, but floating signifiers and "it must be noted that the floating signifier or zero-sign guarantees the structurality of the structure and, thus, exists merely as a proxy for God or the transcendental ego." Karatani again, echoing Nishitani's assertion that a nihilist attitude is, along with zen practice, a necessary step to the "standpoint" of sunyata, "emptiness." In this Nothing-beyond-nothings one ecstatically and spontaneously acts for the welfare of all, overcoming even nihilism.

groundlessly involuting the will to power into
a will-to-not-intersect.
a will-to-not-interject.
a will-to-not-attempt-to-perfect-that-which-is-already-always-perfect.
to put down the struggle-with-self (as object) and do it (as process)

only in the ever shifting sands of sunyata
the wandering waveform of the watercourse
can one find the overcoming of nihility.
even cosmic pessimism betrays its hope that in death, the nausea will cease.

One Principle of Non-Intersection, among Many:
the clear-seeing Buddha is the darkest Buddha
no demons can penetrate the gateless-gate.
willful gain only fuels and attracts demons from without.
Self-Empty of all formation, penetrating through the unborn mind of zen, is the only sure Zazen regardless of its position
such a no-position of Mind is the Right Penetration into the imageless-abode.
Zazen is not right posture alone.

sitzfleisch: the ability to endure or persist in an endeavour through sedentary determination; to win by sitting on your ass.

when one realizes the opponent is no opponent but the self-itself, the challenge has been made. sitting like a stone-statue dares the demons to attack as much as incessantly reciting a scripture passage with a weak intent to shield against such demonic assaults. The demon will only adapt itself to the tempo of the chant or begin to slowly chisel its way through cement-strength zazen. Only the Clear Light of Mind produces true protection and forms the Right Seat that transcends analytical thought.

"Clearly seeing into one’s nature is called practice, and the seat that puts an end to analytical thoughts is called Zazen. When analytical thoughts are forgotten, views based on knowledge are also forgotten, leaving no trace of ego. The path where heavenly beings fulfill their desire to offer flowers no longer exists. There is no gate through which demons and heretics can secretly enter. What medal incantation can compare with this?" -Bassui Zen

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